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Have you seen any improvements within the last 10 years?

The problem of Internet Abuse is getting worse every day. More spam, more and bigger bot networks, more cyberattacks than ever before. We see numberless spam filters, firewall systems and anti-virus software operating on the market, each of them promising to secure PCs or networks better than the competition does. But still no improvement. Still no solution to stop Network Abuse instead of trying to control it.

Existing technologies control the problem, they don’t fight it!

Filters, Firewalls and Scanners are reacting systems. These technologies only rate and filter already existing trash and try to protect us. These technologies are not developed to be proactive and try to face the problem at its root. Nevertheless these technologies are absolutely necessary, but they will never be the answer.

The answer for abusive behavior.

The issue of abusive behavior needs to be addressed at its roots. Network Operators and particularly their System Administration and Abuse Departments are the only bodies capable of stopping Network Abuse. Shutting down abusive systems as fast as possible is the only way to tackle the problem in an appropriate way.

Therefore abusix provides Network Operators with detailed information about the sources and the extent of abusive behavior distributed through their network. In doing so, we offer Network Operators relevant data and knowledge to clean their network and keep it clean from abusive systems.

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