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Über Makers

Makers is a next-generation incubator with its roots in Berlin. Our vision is to build fast growing tech companies. The formula is simple but powerful. We team up with outstanding founder personalities and support them in the first year of the company foundation with funding and our team of talents. Iconpeak and Cashboard are two of the eight companies Makers has launched in the last two years since it started.

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Die Mission

Our Mission

We are an international network of entrepreneurs who want to build next generation digital companies. Our mission is to minimize risks for these companies. This is why we founded MakersLabs – the launchpad for new startups by the Berlin based incubator Makers.

We usually see startups failing in the first 6 months because of their idea, missing funding, stressing teams, a bad product or intense competition. We disarm these risks by bundling our resources to tackle the unswayable risk: competition.

We execute fast with minimum risk. Our approach: in 8 weeks from idea to fundraising.

Labs & Makers Core Values

  • Be a team player. Share, help and communicate
  • Innovate through experimentation
  • Do the right thing right
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Build products that people love
  • Get things done (execution)
  • Be respectful, honest and humble