Mission von Wunder Carpool

Wunder Carpool möchte der günstigste, einfachste und netteste Weg sein, in einer Stadt von A nach B zu kommen.

Noch wichtiger ist es aber zu sehen, was unser Team als Mission empfindet. Hier einige Einblicke:

I want to write a story worth telling. That story involves a carefully selected highly effective team that achieves positive change on a massive scale using technology and personal relationships. (Gunnar, Founder)

Phenomenal customer service comes from gains of the heart and of building a tribe. I believe service can come deep from the heart and move people to drive long lasting relationships. (Jonathan, Customer Experience Manager)

We believe that bringing people together in the real world can create moments of a home-feeling, of happiness, of laughing, of understanding, of support. We want to create those types of experiences, where people get together and help each other. We believe that people should meet as strangers and leave as friends. (Katrin, Head of Talent)

Why? Because... we want to end the „customer/servant“ relationship in the transportation segment, we want people to share an unique/exciting experience, we want to bring people together. (Thomas, UX Designer)

We believe it is time to get rid of the greyness in daily traffic, to increase ecology of transportation and to make your city a better and more colorful place. Wunder is bringing people together that otherwise never may have met and gives access to improved mobility to people who are not able to afford a car. (Willi, Operations Intern)

We're building the Wunder community to shake things up. The status quo rewards the few and disadvantages the many, it enables huge organisations to do as they please without consideration for the impact they have on the world. We care about the impact we have on the world. In doing so we will make the world a fairer, friendlier and greener place. We are one planet and one community, and we all need to start thinking like one. (Tim, Online Marketing)

I’m proud of being a part of Wunder because I believe we can change and improve communication in our environment. I believe in a society that shares, a society that helps, a society that knows each other and is integrated. I believe in a society where we can call each other friends -- neighbours! -- a society where sharing is not crazy, but where we're crazy about sharing! I wake up every morning with the firm commitment to provide the best service to our community and to get a smile from each person who communicates with us. (Aleja, Customer Experience Specialist)

Gesucht wird

Charismatische Persönlichkeiten, die ihre Stadt lieben und gerne teilen Erfahrene Autofahrer, die die Vorteile von Co-Konsum und Carsharing zu schätzen wissen und nicht bei jeder Fahrt nur auf das Geld schauen wollen,
aufgeschlossene Locals, die gerne Menschen aus der ganzen Welt kennenlernen wollen